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Centec Norge AS

Centec Norge AS is a Norwegian certified accounting and consulting company. Our client base consists of Norwegian small and medium limited companies and individual enterprises.

We take on assignments within administration, accounting and consulting either executed from our own office or on the premises of our clients. Further we can also assist within business- and project development.

We have employees that can take on other assignments such as:

  • Graphic design: broshures, posters and logoes.
  • Office and business administration: accaunting and general management

We are located at Strøket 8. Asker Centre and our normal office hours are Monday – Friday
08.30 – 16.00.

However, we work according to the needs of our clients and can be reached at any time.
Please contact us on centec@frisurf.no , tel. 66 75 81 60 or cell: 930 11 371 for further information.

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